7 Health Gadgets for Better Life

an image of heart rate monitor

You’ve probably heard of the multiple health conditions that people out here are living with. To some, it’s a matter of blood pressure, and others are lactose intolerant. There’s a need for some to consume gluten-free meals while others constantly track their calorie intake. You can never get these things accurately by solo efforts regardless of how much input you’ll make. Nonetheless, one of the many benefits of technology is the ability to cover such grounds.

Benefits of Healthy Gadgets

There are multiple gadgets invented by different companies that help specific groups of people to live healthy lives. They all serve various purposes, most of them being unique, but all essential health gadgets have some expected benefits. These benefits include;

  • Save life when the need arises
  • Help patients keep watch of their conditions to avoid any further cases
  • Make the study of and monitoring of our bodies more accessible
  • They are simple to use
  • They are worthwhile investments
  • Save a lot of time for to and from trips to the health care facilities
  • Yield a sense of responsibility to users.

Now that we know what you can gain from these helpful health gadgets, do you need to know which ones matter the most? It depends on what an individual is going through because most of these gadgets attend to a specific need. Every cool health gadget serves a particular purpose and should be used by one particular individual who needs it most.

The Must-Have Health Gadgets

The pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions to the typical way of life. One would quickly rush in for an appointment to track their blood sugar or pressure or have a quick check-up on their process. However, lockdowns and restricted movements are the new normal, and at the beginning, it was so hard to cope up. However, technology has provided alternatives to many people through the invention of different useful health gadgets.

There are multiple popular health gadgets out there that vary in sizes, functions, and prices. Even though we did thorough research and lined up the seven must have health gadgets that are ideal for you.

1. Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High Intensity-Vibrating Fitness Roller

It’s true to claim that many people are adapting to home workout routines as they are seeking to keep fit. A coach or an app provides most of these exercises with instructions and demonstrations. However, one of the post-workout results is some wear and tear of muscles. They often cause discomfort to you and make it challenging to move around.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High Intensity-Vibrating Fitness Roller is meant for that particular gap – to ease the discomfort. This roller device uses vibrations and pressure to loosen any muscle cramps felt after an intense workout routine. This is the health gadget you need for a proper post-workout massage, and it works well on different muscle groups.

You can use it on your shoulders, quads, calves, lower back, etc., to achieve relaxation. It uses three different speeds, and it is upon you to choose which one is best for your situation, depending on the kind of discomfort you’re experiencing. It comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which will last you about two hours for every session. You should also get the best cooling towel for drying yourself up after the workout.

2.Netatmo “Healthy Home Coach.”

There’s no doubt that many people fancy the outside environment. You probably enjoy the fresh air, the humidity, the cold breeze, or just the right amount of temperature on a good day. However, it isn’t easy to have such experiences in the house. For this reason, Netatmo, “Healthy Home Coach,” came to be the problem solver.

With the ability to detect and monitor the air quality, humidity levels, temperature, and noise levels, this the best health gadget for your home. With an easy setup process and being remotely operated, this tool is ideal for helping you in making a few adjustments in your indoor space. It sends potential alerts to you and recommends particular remedies to solve them. A good example is letting you know that you need to turn on your air conditioner or dehumidifier when the room is too humid.

3.Withings or Nokia Thermo

It’s sometimes annoying how you have to test your temperature every time you walk into a store or any medical facility. It can also be alarming if you feel unwell, but you cannot measure your temperature. Withings or Nokia Thermo is a small and potable health gadget that attends to all your temperature needs. The device is accurate in the delivery of results, and it’s easy to use.

It scans your skin, so that makes it comfortable to take the temperature of anyone even if they are lying down or asleep. Other than the convenience, it only takes two seconds to get your results which is an average of over 4000 temperature results from your temporal artery. The gadget stores up data, making it easy to track progress, and you operate it using an app on your smartphone.

4.Verilux CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand

The worry of exposure to germs and bacteria is a big deal at the moment. And that’s part of the reason why doctors are pioneering folks to sanitize themselves before touching surfaces. However, with Verilux CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand, you can sanitize those surfaces instead. It is portable and easy to use.

The gadget eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and molds, which keeps all your surfaces clean. That way, you can easily use it on remote controls, mobile and cell phones, ATMs, toys, faucets, and keyboards. It only takes 30 to 60 seconds to sanitize a surface by use of UV-C light.

5.Omron HeartGuide

Smartwatches are the most common health gadgets around. Different brands come up with various devices which serve other purposes. For Omron HeartGuide, you can get accurate blood pressure data from an oscillometric blood pressure monitor. It provides comfort from the flexible band, and it’s not as bulky as the standard pressure measuring gadgets which gives you an excellent patient experience. It is best to help those battling anxiety to maintain good blood pressure when they experience panic attacks.

6.Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Drinking clean water is essential to your health. Smart self-cleaning water bottle uses UV-C LED light to purify drinking water in 60 seconds. This exquisite stainless steel also cleans itself every two hours or when you choose to by clicking a button. It is effective in cleaning even water from rivers and can last up to 2 months when the batteries are fully charged.

7.Fertility Tracking Bracelet

Getting a baby is every couple’s wish, and if there’s a health gadget that will help you in doing so, then it’s the fertility tracking bracelet. Resembling a watch, this bracelet uses parameters such as resting pulse rate, temperature, and breathing rate to provide a woman’s fertility window. With such information, you will know when it’s the right time to try out with your partner.


Health is a critical aspect of life that should not be compromised over anything else. Be it a form of diet, fitness or exercise, or mindfulness, do what you can to keep yourself away from many illnesses. It’s challenging to live with some conditions because they demand a particular lifestyle that might be challenging to afford. With technology, helpful devices create a better living world for everyone, and you can always buy health gadgets from the trusted manufacturers.

Have you used any health gadget? Which one, in particular, have you tried out? How was your experience with it? Leave a comment.