Get to Know About IVF Process – Step by Step


IVF is concerned as an innovative artificial conception technique. During the process, the specialist collects the mature eggs of the female and fertilized them with the sperm in a culture medium. Later on, they implant the fertilized eggs or embryos in the uterus. The entire procedure from egg fertilization to embryo implantation takes around three weeks to complete. This technique is recommended by doctors for artificial insemination because its success rate is high as compared to other such therapy.  So, if you are not able to become parent and want your child, you can go with IVF treatment. Nowadays, this facility is available in various fertility clinics and hospitals at different IVF cost. You can select the appropriate one according to your requirement, budget and location.

Now, we discuss the steps of IVF treatment. Have a look;

  • Ovarian Stimulation

The IVF treatment begins with the stimulation of the ovaries for the formation of multiple eggs.  The complete procedure including ultrasound and blood test is done under the vigilance of a specialist. During the procedure, the doctor injects Antagon, Lupron, Cetrotide or other such kinds of medications consisting of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists. This drug is given to prevent the early release of the egg during the cycle.

  • Egg Retrieval

The step begins in an OT before the ovulation of the eggs. This is a 30 minutes long process in which the eggs are removed from the follicle by placing a small needle into your vagina. The needle is guided inside by ultrasound. An anesthesiologist will give you intravenous sedation before the treatment so that you shouldn’t feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure.  Through the needle, the content consisting of eggs in the follicular fluid are removed from which the egg is retrieved by the doctor.

  • Fertilization/ Embryo Culture

In this step, the retrieved eggs are examined by the specialists. They will find out the mature egg of good quality and place in a culture medium for further process.  After a few hours, they fertilize the egg with sperm via either of the two procedures i.e. intra-cytoplasmic injection or conventional insemination.

  • Embryo Transfer

The IVF specialist transfer the embryo to the uterus decides after considering several factors. It can take place within few hours or a few days.

  1. Fresh Embryo Transfer:

The embryo will be transferred from culture medium to uterus after 5-6 days of egg retrieval.

2. Freeze-All Embryos IVF Cycle:

Embryo will be frozen for a later transfer.

3. Freeze-All Embryos IVF Cycle with Genetic Testing:

Genetic testing is performed on a few cells. Embryos remained crypto-preserved. After the satisfactory result, it will be transferred to the uterus. It takes around 1-2 months to complete. 

4. FET or Frozen Embryo Transfers

FET is a process of cryopreservation of extra embryos that are not used in this particular IVF procedure for further cycles.

5. Pregnancy Test

This is the necessary test for which the doctor will call you after two weeks of embryo transfer.

The entire IVF procedure takes a few months to complete depending on your decision to implant the fresh embryo or a genetically tested embryo in the uterus.  It is slightly expensive treatment, but we, at Baby Science IVF charge minimal IVF cost from our esteemed client.