How to deal with Anxiety 10 simple ways

10 ways to deal with anxiety

We all have anxiety issues at some point of time in our lives, and we know what is to be stressed like, to recover from it, the situation becomes a bit difficult and most of us are unable to think what to do in such situation that results in panic attacks and many other things like feeling uneasy all the time, frustration, aggressiveness, hypertension, lost and unable to concentrate on a particular task. When it comes to worrying it is very difficult to deal with anxiety, and it is one of the worst enemies in a person’s life. Extreme worrying may be debilitating and can affect life in every aspect. Most of the people have such conditions prefer not to leave their home and keep on thinking about it all the time. Getting treatments for such conditions may take time. Treating an individual with these disorders isn’t as easy as it seems. As the treatment depends on person to person and the nature of the disorder. There are multiple therapies available which also includes medication combined with therapies that may work or may not work depending on the cases and situations. When an individual is going through a phase that leads to panic attacks and various other conditions. There can be some individuals who are dependent on drugs or alcohol to get rid of anxiety issues and other problems; it becomes a link towards panic attacks resulting in multiple disorders at the same time. People who deal with anxiety shall recognize the symptoms as early as possible. Most of the patients may have symptoms like feeling anxious all the time, fear of losing something; unnecessary negative thoughts come in mind every time. Hence in these cases it is very important to consult a doctor or a psychiatrist and start treatment as soon as possible.

So here are 10 simple ways to deal with anxiety:

  1. Treat without any medical assistance

There are few relaxing techniques that help to get rid of mood swings and various disorders by helping to calm the mind and body at the same time. Many of us can be treated by ourselves with any medical attention. As the anxiety episodes are for a shorter period of time as per the condition of the patient. Many experts suggest various types of exercises and many relaxation techniques, which include various stress management that helps to manage stress levels in the brain and keeps the issues in control. There are multiple relaxation techniques like meditation, anulom vilom it is one of the best breathing techniques which helps to relieve stress and extreme worrying problems. Few workout regimes eliminate negative thinking and thoughts which come in the mind and helps to build up confidence within ourselves. sharing problems is also one of the effective ways to get out of depression. Some experts say that physical exercises can be worked out at home which helps the affected person to stay active and ignore the negative impacts of the current situation. This helps to build up positive thoughts when chemicals in the brain are released.

  1. Few therapies and counseling to help the patients

When consulted the psychiatrists provide medication and counseling to help the patient to come out of a traumatic experience. Many of the treatments deal with psychological consultation which is combined with other treatments that help the patients to speak to the medical professionals who are mostly trained in the same field to treat these conditions.

  1. Medicines

In the medical field, there are many new medications came into existence, many scientists have been working hard to produce and manufacture new medicines, these medicines are available at pharmaceutical stores. The patients can take a prescription from the psychiatrist and get medicines from pharmacies.

  1. Here are a few simple ways to deal with anxiety 

  • Cutting down sugar from the diet 

Everyone does have a habit of consuming a lot of sugary eatables which adds more to the anxiety in life. People who are having struggles in life and dealing with the issues shall cut down all sugary items. This will help to cut down the added burden of stress in the mind and body of the patient. There various foodstuff which includes sugar and needs to be stopped right away if a person is going through a phase.

  • Lavender oil to relieve stress 

Many of us deal with anxiety and stress all the time there are few essential oils like lavender oil which has very pleasing and calming agents present, it also has a relaxing scent that calms the body and mind. The lavender oil shall be used safely on the skin areas like neck, ears, on the wrist. The few drops of lavender oil can be used while having a bath too which will help to soothe the mood.

  1. Sleep early around 10:30 PM

When a person is having anxiety it is very important to sleep early in the night or at least try to sleep early, during day time the stress levels are too high and needs to be reduced, giving ample of time to relax and rest helps to calm down nervous system in the body. Resting helps to lower the cortisol levels and calms the mind and body which helps in healing the disorders.

  1. Yoga to relieve stress 

People who deal with anxiety may Practice yoga which will help to reduce symptoms, with the help of yoga a person can learn to breathe deeply and for a longer period of time that is good for stress and reducing its levels. The body needs to be moved gently during the exercises of yoga without overexerting the body letting the negativity and stress out of the body. Many beginners can learn how to meditate with the help of Yoga. With the help of yoga the individual can recognize the problems in the body and relax the parts of the body in a particular area.

  1. Walking and jogging for stress relieve 

People who deal with anxiety shall go out to walk or jog to improve the moods which boost serotonin which is a neurotransmitter. Walking or jogging helps to clear the brain, it helps to find out a solution to the problems as well. If an individual is facing a panic attack shall try going for a walk. It will allow a person to think about the situation or the problem he or she is going through and will let out all the frustration a person has within themselves.

  1. Write in a diary  

Many of us deal with anxiety and writing is one of the best therapy which helps to deal with problems by writing down the negativity of it in a diary, it is very important to have a diary in life, whether positive or negative thoughts writing in a diary can release all the frustration and let out all the emotions on a piece of paper. When in depression try to write what you are thinking about and see how you can get out of it or sort out the issues which are affecting your life.

  1. Thoughts need to be controlled 

People who deal with anxiety always are unable to control their feelings and emotions during panic attacks. Try to think positively all the time, it always works and gives a solution. Positive thinking is one of the best ways to deal with problems rather than thinking all day about the issues a per has been facing he or she shall control the negative thoughts and work on the other side of the situation to get rid of the problem.

  1. Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is one of the ways to reduce issues as it removes the toxins from the body and eliminates unhealthy bacteria from the body. Adding healthy fermented foodstuffs will improve mental health as well as the physical being of a person. Consuming proteins helps to deal with sugar levels in the blood this helps relieve stress levels. To have the right proteins and nutrition we ask you to visit the best nutritionist in Mumbai

These are the few recommendations that will help to recover from these disorders and to deal with other challenges in life, these effective solutions shall be implemented on a daily basis in our lives.