Company Registration Dubai in Free Zone


Starting a business in Dubai should not be a major issue for entrepreneurs or business investors. In Dubai land for business establishment is available in vast quantity. The mainland and free zones are highly active places for company registration Dubai.

There are about forty free zone sites to start your business in Dubai and numerous developed national and international firms doing their regular business in these areas. Some phases will help you to understand the procedure of business registration in Dubai free zone.

Free zone company registration Dubai

The free zone in Dubai has some great perks for business startups. The main feature of the free zone is that any business in this sector can have 100 percent ownership. It can help the owners to avoid extra paperwork and sign fewer documents which were mandatory for freshers.

The free zone packages are favorable for the investors with less involvement of Dubai economic departments and economic activities. The company registration Dubai becomes an easy process if your business setup is located in a free zone.

Requirements for company registration Dubai

There are some important documents that you are required to submit and violation of any obligation can create some serious consequences for your company registration Dubai.

The documents and photocopies are:

  • Online Application form
  • 2 Passport copies with certified stamps
  • Residential VISA and Emirates ID
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Residential authentic papers
  • Copies of the company’s business model and all employee Emirates ID cards
  • Office location details
  • Free zone parties’ approvals
  • Bank letter approval

After collecting these credentials, you need to follow some easy steps for company formation and registration in Dubai.

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How to Register Company in Dubai?

The stages for company registration Dubai are essential to be fulfilled and if you get the assistance of private business consultants then it is very helpful to make deals with the local free zone owners. The steps are:

  • Present Business Activity

The free zone which is an outside region of Dubai mostly prefers trading businesses. The import and export startups are the main trends in free zone areas. To get company formation and registration in Dubai you need to deliver business-type documents with the complete memorandum of association.

  • Submit online application

The application form will be obtained from Dubai’s free zone governmental bodies website. There is a fee you need to pay online or through a business consultancy firm to provide you full details about regulations that must be followed by the owner of the startup. The estimated application form fee is between AED1000 to AED1040. It may change with time but the approximate value is within this range.

  • Pay for the license fee

There is a license fee you have to submit to economic departments who authorize your company registration Dubai. The fee for a commercial, industrial, or trading license in the free zone is about AED 11,600. If the business consultancy firm takes the responsibility to handle your license procedure then may decrease the license amount for your company registration Dubai free zone.

  • License approval departments

Some head departments in Dubai will sign and stamp your legal permit for starting a business in Dubai. The license approval from these bureaus depends on the nature of your business.

  • Dubai Multi commodities center (DMCC) is designed for trade businesses.
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is for trading and industrial business.
  • Dubai World Central (DWC) deals with logistics and aviation trades.

Your business form will directly connect with one of these license approval departments.

  • Sign and sent approved documents

The business registration, license application, and important documents must be sent to governmental authorities. This is a very hectic procedure but with the right guidance from business consultants, you can complete the approval of your documents within days.

  • Choose office space

Finding an office space for your company registration Dubai free zone can be slightly complicated for entrepreneurs but DMCC can provide you smart office to begin your business activities. A good business consultancy firm in free zone Dubai also offers to find business location services in their package. Try to find a professional business consultant company to regulate your business activities.

  • Bank account

The transferring of your fees for company formation and registration in Dubai requires an authentic bank account detail. This is the last step for business registration and you can legally banks in Dubai who supports free zone companies’ transactions or lend loan to entrepreneurs.


Free zone Dubai has abundant advantages and those are:

  • 100% return on profit and capital.
  • Full business ownership.
  • No requirement for local sponsors.
  • Advance technological communications and transferring of documents.
  • Full-service facilities for entrepreneurs.
  • Elimination of value-added tax and sales tax.
  • No governmental bodies interference.
  • Fast logistics processing.


KWS Middle East is a professional business consultancy firm in Dubai that assists all free zone business startups and supports them by solving their business registration in Dubai. KWSME has expert English to Arabic translators who consult with free zone owners and business establishments. KWSME can deliver your business documents for approval to the Dubai Economic chamber and gives you a real-time update about your permit’s agreement procedure.

KWSME has the best knowledge about office space locations for entrepreneurs and can get you license packages at affordable prices. Visit to find out exciting news about the best free zone area to start your business in Dubai.

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