5 Creative and Fun Ways to Give Gift and Surprise the Recipient

5 creative ways to give gift

There’s this hormone called “oxytocin” that is released in our body whenever we do or see or feel something good happening. It creates this warm feeling that brings us inner happiness, peace, and joy. It gets boosted when we do something for others or vice versa. We can definitely feel the happiness and joy whenever someone gifts us something. And that joy is super contagious which means that both the recipient and the gift-giver will feel the same amount of joy. The happiness of the other person makes us feel good because we know that it is we who made that person happy. Talking about gifts, the best thing you can do to boost the effect of oxytocin in the recipient is to come up with playful and creative ways to give gift to them.

Gifting something to someone is a gesture of love and care and the more you do it, the better it is. However, remember that quality is always preferred over quantity. So make sure that you present or reveal their gifts in a way as attractive as possible. I’m gonna tell you 5 brilliant ways you can do that so stick with me!

1.  Fake the Gift

Before you reveal the actual gift that you were planning to present, show fake gifts first. The key here is to absolutely disappoint the person with dumb gifts that don’t even make any sense. You can show that you’re super excited to give them the gifts and keep showing them while they view the presents with disappointment. Try to pack the fake gifts badly (not so much, but give it a dull look). You can include a totally inappropriate and irrelevant thing like a screwdriver, houseware, kitchen utensils, etc. The main aim here is to disappoint the other person and keep them engaged with your gifts until they find out the real gift. The happiness on their face would be priceless!

2.  Try Gift Hunting

How adorable it is to play games with the person to receive gifts, right? Games are always fun and they can make the day the best! All you have to do is design a hunting game like a scavenger hunt. In that, you need to place different clues and each clue will take the player to the next one. Ultimately, the player will get to the actual gift and that will definitely become a treasure for them because of this awesome and fun experience. Just be excited about it and make sure that you show the other person the bond that you have with them. This game and the gestures of yours will become the best birthday gift ever!

3.  Give the Gift at an Unexpected Time

Of course, the timing of everything matters. The better the timing is, the better the effect will be. You just need to be very clever in this one. You know that when it’s the special day, the receiver will definitely expect a gift. But don’t forget that they won’t expect it 24 hours. There will be certain timings in the whole day when the receiver will be expecting you to surprise them with gifts. You just have to do some logical thinking here and predict when they wouldn’t be expecting you to give the gift and then you hop right in front of them at that moment with it. You know how amazing and joyful it is to be given something special when we’re not expecting it even a little.

4.  Simply Giving it to Them Isn’t a Bad Idea at all

Don’t think that you can win their heart only by surprising them with something very extraordinary. Sometimes, simple ways of doing things for others mean the world to them and they would be more than enough. It’s not the material that wins hearts but it’s the effort and even a little bit of the effort that a person does for someone means everything. Do you know the ways to give gifts to someone and you have one to give as well, that’s great! Now all you have to do is simply present it in a beautiful way like in a pillow box packaging or have it wrapped in gift paper. I’d recommend going for pillow box packaging because of its uniqueness. The best thing about them is that they are extremely inexpensive and still look super cool and attractive if you buy them from Dawn Printing.

5.  Ask Your Pet for Help

This is my personal favorite thing to do for someone. I love my golden retriever – her name is Jenny. I asked her to give the gift to my friend (the birthday girl) and she helped me with it. I dressed her up by putting a birthday cap on her head, pasted the birthday card to her collar, and hung the gift on her neck. She adorably went to her and she literally cried over this beautiful presentation. I really want you to try this if you have a loving pet in your house. Just ask them to help you out with the gift-giving because it can be the most memorable thing ever for both you and the receiver.


Having someone who knows the perfect ways to give gifts to you is such a blessing. These days, many new ways of this have emerged and we all are loving them. Just make sure that you’re being super creative because this is when the other person will feel extremely special on their special day. Try the ways I just mentioned above and everything will go just as you expect. Do you know any other amazing ways to give gifts to someone? Just comment below!

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