10 Doubts about vehicle warranty calls you should clarify

vehicle warranty calls

Scam artists are everywhere these days. Vehicle warranty calls are their next target. There are a few things you should focus on when dealing with what seems like a vehicle warranty call. In this article, you will be guided regarding the few steps that they should take before giving any one any sort of information regarding their finances.

There are some questions that you should ask and some doubts that you should clarify before moving any further. In this age of technology scamming has become quite common and there are important measures that people should take to be protected from it.

Lack of Information

Vagueness is a very common element when it comes to fake vehicle warranty calls. The caller will be trying to convince you to extend a warranty. Chances are that the caller won’t have enough information about what they are trying to sell.

The best way to find out if you are talking to a scammer is to ask questions about everything. If you have more knowledge than they do about what they are selling then you need not talk to them any further. Definitely do not give them any information.

Take Action Right Away

This is another red flag. When the caller is forcing you to pay some amount or give you some information right away, chances are they’re not exactly legitimate. If there is an element of urgency in the way they are speaking or the orders they are giving, trusting them could be a huge mistake.

This is highly related to what’s going on these days. These might not be doubts regarding the warranty, but these are doubts that you should clarify. Make sure that you aren’t giving your information to anyone that might misuse it.

Phone Number

This is the most obvious reason to not answer any calls. This is a doubt that you should clarify before moving forward. If the phone number is not one that you recognize or have ever seen before, then giving any information would be naivety. Phone numbers can usually be matched through websites or people from the company that you have already called before.

It is very easy for people to scam by just claiming to be someone they’re not. They are usually successful when it comes to people who are gullible and such and just believe what they want.


Threatening is also a very common way to get people to release the sort of information that you need. They will either threaten in a way that may seem very needy or they’ll threaten your life. It is imperative that you be able to distinguish between urgency from a genuine company and people who are jus trying to alarm you to get something out of you.

Some scammers even begin to drop names of organizations to make you feel like you are making a mistake by not giving them the information that they happen to be asking for. Threatening is a good way to scam people.

Length and Duration

When it comes to legitimate questions that you need to be asking your warranty provider, this may be one of them. The length with which your warranty may be valid. It also depends upon you if you want to get it extended or changed depending on how much you are willing to pay them.

However, this isn’t exactly the kind of information that you should discuss with anyone that calls regarding an extension. Be sure of the number that you have and the number of the company or dealership. Without that you will get scammed.

Personal Information

Many of the times, the caller will ask you very personal information that is nothing to do with the actual warranty. Personal information like your bank information or your social service number. They may ask about your profession and private information related to your profession.

This should be a very alarming red flag. There may be credit card information that they need or some other finance related data. If you can tell that what they are asking for has nothing to do with the services that they are providing, then be very wary.

Leaked Information

On many occasions, situations have arisen where people’s phone numbers and such have gotten leaked to the general public. Often, people just put up their numbers in the do-not-call registry, in this case, no marketers and no scammers will be capable of coming across your phone number. But, you have to remember that no detailed information about your vehicle gets out.

These vehicle warranty callers will just use that information to make your feel sure about the ideas they are feeding you. Be careful of where you may be putting your information in. In the age of technology, leaked information isn’t a joke anymore.

Sales Tax

One very obvious thing that you can catch when dealing with these scammers is that they’ll tell you that their warranty comes with no sales tax. This can never be the case, because a well-adjusted government doesn’t run without applying any sales tax.

Fast Talkers

More than half the time, these scammers will be fast talkers. They’ll try to get information across as quickly as they can to make sure that you don’t get enough time to question them in any way. They also do this because more than half the information they’re relaying is complete bogus.

Ask for the Details

Finally, one more information-based question that you may be able to ask an actual associate is the extension of the warranty. What parts the warranty covers and to what extent. You can also ask them under what circumstances the warranty will apply to them. Vehicle warranty calls are good for resolving any relevant queries


It is necessary to be sure of the information and the person that you are giving he information to. This field is filled with people who are waiting for the gullible ones. Keep these tips in mind when talking to any person claiming to make a vehicle warranty call.