Wholly Illustrious Cattle Breeds

Beef Cattle Breeds

There are up to 250 beef cattle breeds in the entire globe and 60 percent of them are constituted in the United States of America. Nowadays beef cattle extraction businesses are as common as dairy production businesses. Throughout the globe, the United States of America is amongst the largest producers of beef. Undeniably, beef cattle are the stunner of any farm and contemplating the different eccentric of breeds, they indeed are unique in their possess ways.

A juxtaposition of breeds or any particular breed in any breeding program has a considerable effect on the substantial and efficiency of the cattle production economy. Each breed has its respective type of reproductive efficiency, growth ratio, maternal aptitude, and because of these differences, the remnant product specification fluctuates from one breed to another.

There are upto 250 breeds of beef cattle management throughout the world but the most common among these are Angus, Brahman, Beef Master, Piedmonts, Herefordshire, Gelbvieh, and Limousine.

The production savings and general nutritional necessity are entirely reliant on the typecast of the breed as these are associated with the size of the fauna and the pace of growth. Therefore, in crossbreeding programs, it is vital to select appropriate breeds.

Below are some famous and illustrious beef cattle breeds.

Black Angus:

It is the well-nigh popular breed in the United States. Black Angus breed overrepresented the rest breeds condensed. It is due to the Scottish multitude propelled the longhorn herds which were interbred with Angus. The hornless Angus were refuted initially, but the betterment in its flavor and its affection increased its requirement in the market with a period.


Herefordshire is a British breed, from the placement of Herefordshire, England. This British breed is known for its versatility to various climatological conditions and its lustiness. Certified Hereford Beef necessitate a face that is about 51 percent white with utterly no markings in white on the shoulder joint, side of the body, and pelvic girdle. This breed is diminished pricey than the previously discussed Angus breed.


Piedmontese is originated from the Piedmont region of Northwest located in Italy. Its genetic anomaly is known as ‘treble or dual muscling’, makes it distinctive. They have elevated protein and fewer chemical fat which is wholesome for its patrons. It is quite difficult for Piedmontese gals to give birth to treble or double-muscled calf due to their thin birth canals, and because of this phenomenon, Piedmontese bulls are cross-bred with Angus. This crossbred process doubles the advantages. In the U.S, Piedmontese beef is yielded accessible by heritage farms.


This Brahman breed is also prominently popular as American Brahman. The Brahman breed has been shipped by the United States to other many countries ranging from South America, Australia, Pacific Islands, etc. The Brahman breed is unique due to its gigantic body size and modal depth with legs of moderate length and truer back. The Brahmans are usually light gray but they can similarly be black or reddish. A mature female is an igniter in color than a male. The male has duller areas on the shoulder, neck, flank, and fewer thighs. A Brahman cow ponders around 500-700 kg although a Brahman bull weighs just about 800-1100kg.

Beef Master:

Emanated in the United States of America, this type of breed is a consequence of cross-breeding amongst Shorthorn, Hereford, and Brahman cows. It has good and beneficial fertility and impeccable milking choice. They are primarily red. The bull weighs approximately 1200kg and the cow weighs approximately 800kg. This breed is a best-selling because of its opposition to diseases and spongers. The creature of this breed is uncomplicated to handle as they have fortunate temperaments.

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