Updated Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Practice Exam


Overview of Tableau:

Tableau is ranking under the top ten BI tools as well as gaining extreme popularity. With the updated technology and growing trend, numerous companies are using tableau to perform fast reporting and visualization. If you want to get a better and successful future, prepare yourself to take the tableau certification exam and achieve this certification.

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam:

Tableau desktop certified associate exam is for those users who have a sound understanding and fundamental skills of tableau desktop functionalities. Tableau recommends that users have at least 5 months with desktop before attempting the exam. 

This certification expires after 2 years then you will need to retest. When you pass the tableau desktop Associate Exam, you will become certified and lead the next level of your career Certified. If you get this certification, your reputation will be good in your company as well as it will also help you to earn a good salary package.

How hard Tableau Desktop Associate Exam?

This will not a wrong to say this exam as tough one, since majority of exam takers have been witnessed being failed in their first attempt. But with proper planning, correct line of action and more practice, this exam can be passed in first attempt.

A common thing among people who passed Tableau Desktop Certified associate exam in their first attempt is practice exams so it is recommended to take some practice of mock tests to get familiarize with the environment and have the exam simulation before the real exam.

Tableau Certification Practice Exams and Dumps:

Get tableau certifications give you the most accurate and latest tableau certification exam dumps. Their experts and IT professionals provide exam questions with correct as well as verified exam answers. The content related to tableau certification exams is developed by tableau professionals and expert IT team after an in-depth study.

Get tableau certifications have the latest tableau certification exam dumps as well as tableau certification exam preparation material. The tableau certification practice exam dumps will enable you to test your preparation and it will also improve your mistakes. From these practice exams, you will get confidence in real tableau certification exams.

Learning Resources:

The best preparation is your time and experience with the product. I recommend you complete our classroom courses

Desktop 1. Fundamentals

Desktop 2. Intermediate

Learning resources online are:

  • Free How-To Training Videos
  • Visual Analysis Best Practices Guidebook
  • Tableau Product Support
  • Tableau Product Help

You can also access public online resources, during the exam. The use of private websites that required login, or applications and websites allowing communicating with others, are not allowed during the exam.

What is the Exam format?

This exam price is 250 USD. YOU have 6 months to appear in the exam after booking the exam. You must have 5 months plus experience for the advanced level of tableau desktop certified associate exam. The time limit of this exam is about 120 minutes. It will automatically finish after 120 minutes. Because of this you must have proper time management and complete the exam within 120 minutes.

This exam consists of four types of questions true/false questions, hands-on questions, multiple-choice questions, and multiple response questions. The passing score of the tableau desktop certified associate exam is 75% as per the Tableau certification exam prep guide.

This exam is available in a total of seven languages like Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, international Spanish, Japanese, and English. You will get 36 questions in this exam. There are hands-on and theory-based questions in this exam. This exam prep guide has 7 sections and each section has a different percentage.

  • Organizing and simplify data
  • Data connection
  • Calculation
  • Mapping
  • Dashboard
  • Analytic
  • Field and chart type
  • Use tableau prep guide

Tableau guide is an outline for what you should practice before taking the tableau desktop certified associate exam. It is the complete list of all content that may be included in your exam. In this tableau exam prep guide, you will come to know the structure of the tableau desktop certified associate exam, along with the skill measured and knowledge.

Take Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Sample Questions:

These sample questions are examples intended to give you a sense of how the questions will look on the actual exam.

System Preparation:

If you want to succeed in your exam, ensure that your network, physical environment, and computer are properly configured. Always check your system and connection before the exam. Get Tableau Certification Practice Exam Dumps is for those users who want to get tableau certification in quick time. You can take the latest tableau certification practice exams as well as the latest exam dumps preparing for real tableau certification exams.

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