Top trekking destination in Uttarakhand:-

Uttarakhand is called the ‘Abode of the Gods’. You can see many popular mountains here. Uttarakhand is always on the top of the list for trekking lovers and mountain lovers. There are many treks in Uttarakhand but we talk about some limited top trekking destinations in Uttarakhand.

1.Kedartal Trek:-

Kedartal lake is located at an altitude of 16,110 feet in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. This place is very popular for trekking lovers. Because it is one of the most beautiful and attractive lakes in Uttarakhand which draws many travelers from years to years. It is one of the most spectacular in the world. This trek offers you memorable views of the great Himalayan ranges such as the Bhrigu Panth peak, the Jogin peak, the Manda peak, and the Thalay Sagar peak. It is a seven-day trek in which you can enjoy nature’s beauty properly. You can gain some life experience. Among the beautiful mountains, snow-capped peaks you can see some wildlife animals like blue sheep, goral, and the famous Himalayan black bear. During the months of May-June and September-October is the best season to go here and explore the nature-created heaven. 

2.Rupin Pass Trek:-

This Rupin pass trek is a higher altitude trek in Uttarakhand with a height of 15,250 feet above sea level. This trek starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is a complete package for trekking lovers because you can see many types of the memorable landscapes here. You will see the dense forest, snow bridges which are covered with snow that will fascinate you. You can capture many beautiful pictures here. You can see here the Kinnaur temple. You will also see Jhaka village. The interesting thing is the Jhaka village is the hanging village which is located at the edge of the mountain range. The trekkers take a rest in the Jhaka village. This is a moderately difficult trek so the trekkers require good fitness to do this trek. During the summer months of May-June and the post-monsoon months of September-October is the best time to go here.

3.Har Ki Dun Trek:-

This place is located at an altitude of 11,500 feet in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Har ki Dun is a cradle-shaped hanging Valley in the Himalayas. This trek is not difficult for this reason; it is popular with many trekking lovers. You will see green meadows, snow-covered peaks around here. These 7-8 days of trekking give you an awesome experience. During the spring months of March, June and post-monsoon months of September-December is the best season to go here.

3.Valley of flowers trek:-

One of the most popular treks in India is the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. This place is located at an altitude of 14,200 feet. This place has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its amazing, photogenic, unique beauty. This is a very easy trek. You just pack your bags and can go here with your friends or family without the help of any travel agencies. During the monsoon season, this place becomes Paradise. Many travel lovers called it the heaven of earth. During monsoon time if you go here you will see who has spread a sheet of flowers in the valley. As far as your eyes can go, you see only different colors of flowers around there. You will also see different colors of butterflies, birds, and animals such as musk deer. This 4-5 days trekking gives you a lifetime experience of many unforgettable views. The monsoon season of June-October is the best season to go here.

5.Brahmatal Trek:-

This place is located at an altitude of 12,500 feet. This trek will take 10-14 days so you should have a lot of time to go here. This is the best winter trek in the Himalayas. This trek is a proper track for snow lovers. In winter if you go here the amazing views of the snowy landscape, the snow-covered peaks will fascinate you. You will also see the views of Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Neelkanth, Chowkhamba, Hathi, and Ghoda peaks. This trek is located opposite the famous Roopkund trek so most of the trail of the Roopkund trek is visible to trekkers from this trek. This trek is easy and December to February is the best time to go here.

6.Satopanth Lake Trek:-

This amazing beautiful lake is located at an altitude of 14,600 feet. The duration of this trek is 8 days. The mountains such as Neelkanth, Satopanth, Chaukhamba and Balakun are visible from here. The reflection of these mountains on the crystal-clear water of this Satopanth lake will fascinate you. You can capture these memorable views in your camera. It is believed that the holy trio Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh meditated at the three corners of this Satopanth lake.