Top 3 Best US Routes For Amazing Drive

Are you ready for a road trip across the USA? Oh, this is going to be the best trip ever. You can grab your kids, friends, other family members, and close people and announce your route. Make sure you have everything you need to prepare. Do you need a car for your trip? You can rent a car at your location and never have problems with transportation. By the way, local rental companies always have a big choice of 8 seater vehicles for rent, indeed. Large cars are the best solution as they are extremely large and comfortable to fit your tourist group. Why go? First of all, this is a nice opportunity to spend time together. Also, you can explore American breathtaking sceneries.

Which vehicle to rent

The US roads are the safest. They are well-cared and you will never have problems with finding your way. Nevertheless, each road may need a special vehicle, depending on the road condition, weather, and a number of passengers. Thus, cruising along the California Coast with your wife or husband, a convertible car is a must. Mountain roads need to rent cars with front-wheel drive. Nevertheless, traveling with more than 5 passengers in, you’d better think of a passenger van, a minivan, SUV, comfortably equipped and accommodated.


What documents you need

Of course, you shouldn’t forget your documents, such as your driver’s license. You can’t rent a car without an international driving permit if you are not American, and your credit card. It goes without saying that you’ll need to be in the country legally with a valid passport and visa.

How much time you spend

Actually, this depends on what you want to see on your way. If you don’t have much time for your trip, rent a car and simply drive it from the West Coast to the East Coast. It usually takes a week and requires 8 hours of driving a day. Try to build up a route and book hotels for comfortable living. Even if you have more time, you can spend more than a day in one location and visit all the places you may be interested in. This is how you can spend more than a week on your road trip. Of course, weekend getaways suppose you will follow the route shorter.

TOP 3 US road trips you should take once in your life

Route 1

If you want to escape from the city noise, take the Loneliest Road

What is the loneliest road in America? Everyone knows that highway 50 starts in San Francisco and runs through California to Nevada. The fact is that you’ll finally reach the Shore of Tahoe Lake. Don’t worry, this is the most beautiful part of Nevada, but you can hardly find crowds of people in this area and on the road. Do you have some free time? Leave your rental car in the parking and have a walk in Yosemite National Park. This is the best place for taking pictures and relaxation.

Route 2

If you want to take the tastiest and the funniest trip, go to the Deep South

Do you know what is usually called the Music Triangle in America? These are three American cities you should visit — Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. They are also known as the brightest cities of the South. Why don’t you start from Nashville with its day and night parties, friendly people, street attractions, and good-time spirit? Then, go to Memphis to see the street of the blues, atmospheric bars, and restaurants. New Orleans will suck you in with the brightest street shows and free performances.

Route 3

If you want to impress your passengers with romantic views, go to the Pacific Coast

Everyone knows that California’s Pacific Coast Highway is the most romantic road ever. Do you need some romance for your loved one? Rent a car and go to California to find the most historic and beautiful route in the USA. That’s so cool to feel the wind in their hair and drive fast through the Pacific beaches and rocks.

What is the best season to drive across the US?

Here, in the USA, the weather changes 4 times a year. It is better to check the road condition in the interned before you rent a car. Thus, drive carefully in New York in December because the road can be icy. On the other hand, be aware of driving along the South roads in summer, during the heavy summer rains.