Covid-19 Lockdown 2020

Things to learn from this Lockdown

Covid-19 has immensely affected the lives of people both in a positive as well as in a negative slam. Due to the closure of multiple sectors that are necessary for our living, income, and health, certainly, we all realized that the struggle is real. An extensive impression is that the coronavirus and this lockdown have forced us to change our daily routine habits and think twice about the actual need for things. We can also say that it has shaped our living.

We all have traditionally heard that small change can cause a big difference, but never thought it will be positive. The way we have started thinking and taking care of our health may it be mental or physical has compelled us to consciously know what we need to eat and think. What affected more psychologically are the social media updates, overemphasizing news programs, financial crises, and change in the routine, etc.

24*7 constantly updating social media stories, the feed has caused pressure, nervousness which leads to mental health uncertainty. As per the research by Rebooting 2020 Gen-Z and millennials are going through more mental health setback. According to the statistics, 27 percent of Gen-Z and 19 percent of millennials have been affected. This survey was conducted in the month of April – May via an online survey tool. The coronavirus has taken away so many innocent lives and by our misfortune, they could not be able to say goodbye to their loved ones and was not possible to console their relatives.

In this time of re-adjustment and transformation, we all should try to re-prioritize and know what actually matters in our relationship with everyone around us.

What if suppose the lockdown is as a new beginning for every damaged relationship. We have enough time to know what does our family likes and dislikes, the fast-moving life has never given us a chance to sit and talk with our beloved one. We now get to realize that the strength lies in our families and that they never left us alone. It was our over occupied schedule that never gave us an opportunity to prioritize our families in it.

The money that we have earned has never benefited to give us the quality time we spend with our favorites. We relived our hobbies that we just have embraced in our memories. So the question is; the gross profit you obtained did that actually profited your living?

Social distancing made us appreciate how valuable face to face interaction, meeting, and greeting people is. Some of us might have acknowledged that running away from people was never an option to ignore them.

Work from home taught us how important physical presence is and we all still cannot assume when are we going to meet again spend time together, share laughter, and make new memories. Is virtual actually a new physical?

Lockdown has also assisted in flourishing and rebloom our environment.

This 2020 has helped in finding balance in everyone’s life and remodeling their routine. This year is a new mold for everyone to emphasize more on positive habits beneficial for the development of psychological and balance the rhythm of our family.

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