SEO Industry is Booming in 2020

SEO industry

Over the past years, it has been uttered by every part of the marketing industry that ‘SEO is dead or it’s dying’. But being a very popular search engine, SEO is not dying that soon. Maybe with time, new trends have come up in the digital marketing world, but SEO cannot die it’s known for its popular keyword feature. Every year, new trends or features followed up to give a new dimension to the digital world. So as SEO is also getting changed or followed up with new trends or updates to make the digital world more evolved and enhancing.

The evolution of SEO has successfully managed to complete 25 years and it’s counting more shortly. A highly popular search engine with an estimated value of worth 70 billion dollars. Hence, with so much popularity and worth SEO is going nowhere. It’s going to be last with us with more new updates or features to mark a new dimension in the digital world or industry. However, with the going change around the world, SEO is also evolving and not dying. So, it will be inappropriate to say that SEO is a dying industry in 2020. The big marketing industry is making a false statement by stating it completely dead. But the fact lies that the element of SEO has changed with time. Yes! The old practice or tactics of SEO has become outdated compared to the new elements which have taken over the internet to a great extent. The elements of SEO have made headway to something new and trendy. Thus, SEO isn’t dead. The old practice or feature of SEO may have a larger effect on your rankings or ranking. It might slow down or kill your website ranking to a great extent.


4 SEO Dead Strategies:

There is multiple logic or elements to be considered that are saying SEO is collapsing by 2020. Most of the tactics or features of SEO has become outdated against the new one. There have been multiple new features or trends which has made the marketing industry remarkable like never before. With the growing new trend, the old tactics of SEO have died. By accepting new tactics or features of SEO can remarkably increase your web page or website ranking to meet your online business goals. However, by practicing the old tactics or strategies of SEO you can eventually lower or kill your web page ranking which will bring a downfall for your online business.


Now, let’s look at the 4 SEO dead strategies:


  • Link Building

In SEO industry, link building is considered an important key component in the marketing industry which has a great impact on Google’s ranking. Link building acts as an improvised strategy in the search engine feature. In other words, it eventually acts as a signal to Google to generate many links for your website to achieve high ranking. But this strategy of SEO has become outdated and out of practice. Now, the quality or nature of your link matters the most than quantity. Therefore, building many links to your website is no longer having a vast effect on your website considering it as a dead SEO strategy.


  • Over-Optimizing for your centre Keyword

Optimizing keyword for your web page considered to be vital for increasing your website ranking. However, it is recommended not to over-optimize your website with non-relevant keywords by stuffing your opening paragraph. Thus, it is recommended to optimize your website with readable content so that it delivers a hassle-free user convenience for the user. Therefore, stuffing unnecessary or irrelevant keywords can eventually harm the user experience.


  • Building Many pages or Posts

Another myth people have followed over the past years is building many pages or post for their website. It always looks great and right if we increase the number of pages or posts for our website. But Google doesn’t work in that way. It does not rank or increases traffic for a particular website based on the number of pages or posts. Google ranks or generates traffic for a particular website based on its relevant keywords or search result. So, it’s a time-wasting tactic if you are focusing on building many pages or posts because it won’t increase your website ranking.


  • Focus on User Experience than Search Engine

Website owners are more interested or focused on search engines than user experience. User experience has always been considered as a secondary option by the website owners. In fact, Google always look or check upon that your website is generating a good user experience or not. Hence, the primary purpose of Google is to give its users with the most significant and applicable outcomes from a website. This implies your site can profit enormously by concentrating on improving the experience a user has on your site.


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