Art Therapies – Healing through Art

Healing through art - Varatan - Hamsa Hand statue

Most of us are not aware of the role art plays in our lives even though we are surrounded by it in our homes or workplace. Art influences us deeply on a subconscious level even though we may not realize the effect it brings to our minds. We all have some form of art at our homes or offices like a painting, photograph, or beautiful vase.

However, we are not conscious of the healing power of art and just think of artworks as something to be looked at and admired. While art may not fulfill functional purposes, it makes our life more pleasurable. When we look at a piece of Indian art and sculpture, we feel a sense of joy that is indescribable.

Healing Through Art

We know about different therapies used to improve mental and physical health, such as yoga or meditation techniques, but very few of us are familiar with art psychotherapy. The process of healing through art therapy involves using art objects to enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

When we look at beautiful art pieces, we are instantly reminded of our inner strengths and this increases our self-confidence greatly. Trying to Heal through art, transforms our thought processes from negative to positive, motivates us, and provides the strength to move forward in life.       

How self-growth is influenced through art?

Art brings self-awareness and reminds us that we are blessed with immense potential. It ignites the fire of self-growth in us and inspires us to use our strengths to the maximum. Art helps us let go of the emotions that limit our productivity, preventing us from expressing ourselves fully. It gives us a sense of freedom and helps us break free from our self-created limitations.

We are brought out of our comfort zone and are inspired to explore new things which we were afraid of earlier. It helps us to find a new meaning to life and makes our struggles bearable. Artworks reduce our stress and make us feel more alive and joyful. They give us the confidence to love ourselves the way we are, come out of our shells, and explore our potential fully in all walks of life.

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Indian art & Hamsa hand statue

When one buys a Hamsa Hand statue, the finest collection of Varatan designs, the positivity and surge of joy arises from the admiration of the fantastic artwork. One is bound to feel divinity in the art piece that was intricately designed by one of India’s highly talented craftsmen. It reassures us that we are protected and governed by a divine, supernatural power.

The Varatan hand statue is one of the most exquisite Indian art pieces that one will ever come across. It has the potential to impact the mind positively and change attitude towards everything in life. Looking at the art piece, one becomes conscious of the tremendous healing power of art, and becomes aware that the source of positivity is within themselves. It has made me realize that one needs to look inward whenever they need motivation to face difficulties in life.