PCOD – For Healthy Lifestyle

PCOD - For Healthy Lifestyle

As many people get confused between the term PCOD and PCOS, let me tell you PCOD and PCOS are not the same. PCOD is the abbreviation of Polycystic Ovarian Disease and PCOS is the abbreviation of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Technically they are both linked with the ovaries and its androgen production quantity. Fortunately PCOD can be reversed with appropriate health care and necessary lifestyle changes. Whereas in PCOS it is slightly difficult to reverse the condition. 

According to the recent studies every 1 in 5 girls is examined with PCOD. It is said that it can be running into genes but is not fully examined and has no strong evidence yet. 

PCOD or PCOS directly affects your fertility, hormonal functioning and your menstrual cycle. 

It causes mood swings, acne breakouts, hair fall, excess facial and body hair growth, and other male factors due to excess production of male hormone, androgen. It does not stop here, it also affects your mental health excessively. “But, no worries every problem has a solution”

PCOD is curable with proper care and positive lifestyle alterations. It is a slow process to be examined and also to cure it, one needs to be more patient. “Nothing but keep that in your control.”

Trust me everything is curable in this materialistic world, only once you know how not to only think about it. Stop thinking about it. I know thoughts are not easy to stop but it is the first and the foremost thing one should do. Train your brain to keep on ordering your body all the positive affirmation as much as you can. 

Positive Affirmation such as:

  • I love and trust my body.
  • My body is functioning in harmony and all my hormones are in balance.
  • My vital reproductive organs like ovaries are functioning perfectly.
  • My life is healthy, peaceful and positive. 
  • I am nourishing my body and mental health and making positive healthy changes. 

It is not going to happen in a day or two, as I said, it is a slow process but achievable. Quit surfing about it now and then. The more you search for it the more confused you will be. 

So What Should One Do?

Start focusing on your well-being, positive thoughts, keep a check on your diet, control your heightened emotions, do not get distracted because of unhealthy food commercials. Hit the gym, do yoga, last but not the least start doing meditation

One must do all these wonderful things keeping in mind that overdoing anything is harmful and can cause reverse effects on your body. “As said, slow and steady wins the race”

Personally, taking antibiotics must be avoided as they only give you short term results and one must not depend upon them. Look forward to long term benefits which will benefit you lifelong in developing and maintaining a steady healthy lifestyle.

Why PCOD is only related to lifestyle changes?

Why not take it in this way, that it is helping you or motivating you to carry out a healthy balanced lifestyle. For your physical and mental betterment, for your positive lifestyle, to live a life you might adore. 

Give yourself some time to digest, some time to heal. It won’t happen today or within a week. It is a human brain and is complex. Deal with it easily, do not force yourself, do not over do anything, overdoing might worsen it. “Be Patient Stay Calm”

So to all the PCOD girls out there you are no different than other girls but, only stronger and livelier and never stop believing in yourself.