How to Xbox party on Twitch

how to stream xbox one party chat on twitch

One of the amusing features that stand out these days is the Xbox’s ability to create a party. In an Xbox party, you can add your playmates and talk to each other. It’s identical to Skype video chat, the difference is that here you are talking along with playing multiplayer games. Sounds really fun, doesn’t it? Xbox party can be extra fun in Twitch; the video streaming platform. Now, let’s go and see how to Xbox party on Twitch.

How to Stream Xbox Party Chat on Twitch


  • First, enable the “Broadcast party chat” option that appears in the Twitch settings on Xbox.
  • Then click Set the broadcast title, enable Kinect, or audio zoom. Then click the Broadcast Party chat and set the video quality.
  • Invite friends from your friend list and you can send invitation one at a time.
  • Go to the Home screen and select Friends hub, there you have to click Friends
  • Now, simply select the friend you want to invite and select send; after that click party invite.
  • There you go, the Xbox party will appear right before you; on the screen.
  • The other members you want to add will have the option to allow their audio to be heard or reject it.
  • If they happen to decline it then no one will hear them in broadcast but you will still be able to chat with them at your party.
  • The party leader has the extra power to mute any member he or she wants. They can do it even though members opted in.
  • This new feature is also available for members having Windows 10 PC.

In case your friends have already started a party then you don’t need to start one. You can join them by:

  • Going to the Friends hub and choosing the Friends tile.
  • Selecting the friend and scrolling down the friend’s gamer card to join; there select

How to invite multiple friends and start your own party?

Want to enjoy the game and chat with multiple friends? Then simply follow these steps:

  • First, select Snap, and after that click
  • Then got o Invite to Party.
  • Then there will be a list popping up; select friends from the list you would like to add.
  • Finally, choose Party from the list – invite to

Keep in mind

You will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to join or start the party. Also, you have to be signed in to the game tag associated with membership.

The party won’t remain active as you switch off your console. Once you switch it off, you have to arrange a new party to start all over again.

Final words

Xbox party is really handy for games like Destiny or Halo having multiple components. Playing games with friends and taunting them for the mistakes they make, being chatty with games; all of these can be at your disposal if you host or join an Xbox party on Twitch.



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