How to Print on Gable Boxes?

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Gabel boxes can be used in any way. You can use them to store different items or use them to pack different products, like good items and gifts. It is a style of box that is unique and stunning. For the making of the boxes, mainly cardboard, is used. If you are the owner of some brand and want your products to look extra-ordinary amazing, you must go with the holiday gable boxes. The only benefit of these boxes is not just it provides ease while carrying. But you also get the opportunity to print them in any manner.

The packaging industry is introducing new things day by day. The changes are important because of the demand. Every product needs protection and an artistic look, to do better on the market. Otherwise, the chance to grab the attention of the customer is nil. But if you are thinking, getting a gable box is enough, then you are wrong. You have to pay proper attention to the printing, and some tips are as following:

Go with personalization Gabel boxes

Personalization of the box is the key, mainly if you have a brand. You will not like the fact that your product packaging similar to some other brand. So, you have to choose the right color combinations, proper size according to the product, and have to provide the right information on the box too, if needed. But keep in mind to get excellent printing, the right selection of material also matters.

Once you are able to understand the box shape, you have to decide the color. After that, you have to choose a spot on the box where you want to print the logo of the company. You also have to find the right place to mention the product inside. Make sure that these two things are printed in an area that is visible from a distance. Because you only get seconds to get attention from the customer. If they were unable to see anything about the product and brand, then they will move on.

If you are packing food items inside the box, you have to make sure all the printing on the box is not harmful to the food itself. If the item is fresh, then you don’t need to mention the product. But if you are about to display it on a shop shelf, then print all the ingredients used to make it and the expiry date too. As people check it quite closely.

To make RSF Packaging’s boxes look extra nice, you can use the ribbons. They look the best if you are about to present someone a gift in this box. The ribbon comes in many different materials. You can get according to your interest, as it all depends on you or you can say mainly on your budget.

Use of modern technology for printing Gabel boxes

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You will not like the fact that all the boxes look different. It is the reason to hire a company that uses modern technology for printing. The printing on gable packaging boxes is not very difficult as the box is made of a simple sheet. You can ask the company about the details. Like the machines they use and inks. Mainly flexography is used by all these days, as it is the newest one in the packaging world.

You can go with the custom digital labels. As they look very good and even tiny details are taken care of here. Everything is quite clear and look astonishing. The picture or anything you print looks like an actual photograph. Color doesn’t get a different shade, as it is a problem that many faces. Price is also not much per unit.


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