How to Launch an On-Demand House Cleaning Service App?

on-demand house cleaning service app

These days, people are busy with their busy schedules as they have a hard time performing their daily house cleaning tasks. Hence, the on-demand house cleaning apps are a perfect solution with the technology evolution. As everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection in their hand, it’s comfortable for them to avail themselves of a house cleaning service online with ease.

In the on-demand market, an app like a house cleaning app is in high demand. This is because customers can find professional service providers, according to their convenience, hassle-free. Besides this, this platform paved the way to find jobs and generate revenue upon providing services. However, such apps are less available in the market. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for a house cleaning agency to take their business to a new height by launching a Uber for house cleaning app.

Working model of an on-demand house cleaning service app

The on-demand house cleaning service app contains three modules: the User app, Service provider app, and Admin panel.

User app

Users have to download/install the handyman app on their devices and finish the onboarding process.

They can create, view, and manage their profile. Also, they can search for the service provider based on their requirements.

Once the service request is confirmed, the concerned service provider will provide the house cleaning service.

After that, the app enables the users to provide feedback to the service provider. However, reviews and ratings given by the users will be useful for other users when searching for service providers in the app.

House cleaning service provider app

House cleaning service providers have to sign up or register by providing necessary information. If required, they have to upload essential documents. This has to be verified and then approved by the admin.

Service providers can set up their profiles and make necessary changes whenever they need.

Apart from this, they can specify their available time and charges for a service.

The app notifies the house cleaning service providers whenever the users book a service.

One notable option for service providers is that they can accept or reject the service request.

Admin panel

This panel is for the app owner who has introduced it in the market. You can manage the entire operations seamlessly.

They can track the activities of the service providers and manage users’ data. They can view the feedback given by them and improve the app’s performance.

If needed, they can modify or update the app which fulfills the users’ expectations and demands.

Fundamental features of the on-demand house cleaning app

There is no doubt that the features added to the app play a significant role in business success. The following general features are to be added to the house cleaning app for user-friendliness.

  1. Features of User app
  • Simple registration

After installing the on-demand app, users have to sign up with their basic information. They can even opt for social media login as they do not want to provide any details manually.

  • Service types

They can search and select the type of services they need to avail themselves. This feature lets the users choose the cleaners well-versed in manual cleaning or providers with knowledge in using cleaning equipment.

  • View bookings

It lets the users view their bookings with the service details, including payment structure, schedule, and many more.

  • Cancel bookings

The users can cancel their bookings at any time due to some valid reasons. It may also be due to the unavailability of the house cleaning service providers at the specified date or time.

  • Push notifications

The app sends notifications regarding new offers/deals, payment confirmation, and promotions to the users.

  1. Features of House cleaning service provider app
  • Profile management

Service providers can set up their profiles and manage accordingly. They can include their expertise and years of experience to draw attention from maximum users.

  • Manage order request

They can view all the requests and manage as per their busy and idle time. They have the option to switch between multiple requests.

  • View feedback

Service providers can check the reviews given by the users. This will help them to improvise the service they offer.

  • Payment receipt

Service providers will receive the payments from the users as they can check their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Accept/decline service request

Based on their busy schedules, time slots, and requests received, service providers can accept or decline the upcoming service request.

  1. Features of Admin panel
  • Dashboard

Most of the app details will be displayed in the dashboard. It includes usability, the number of registered house cleaning service providers, service types, and many more. You can monitor and manage these seamlessly.

  • Manage services

This feature will let you manage all the services available in the app. You can change the price based on the demand, requirements, and recent market trends.

  • Transaction details

You can manage the payment transactions made by the users via the app. After the payment, the receipts will be generated and sent to the users for confirmation.

  • Pay for service providers

Payments received by the users can be managed accordingly. However, a fixed percentage of the amount will be transferred to the service providers.

  • Manage users and service providers

Using this feature, you can manage the registered users and house cleaning service providers.

What is the total cost of developing an on-demand house cleaning service app?

The cost of on-demand house cleaning app development relies on your requirements. Below is the list of elements that contribute to the app development cost.

  • App design
  • App features/functionality
  • App platform
  • Technology stack
  • Geolocation of the app development company or team
  • Third-party service integration

Final thoughts

The house cleaning app is dominating the on-demand market as people avail of services with almost a few taps. Notably, UrbanClap is one such promising app that provides a reliable service to users. The need for these kinds of apps opens a large opportunity for young entrepreneurs who wish to get into the on-demand market.