Frequently asked questions about Practice Mate

Practice Mate Demo

What is an EHR anyway?

Practice Mate is a practice management system that can also be integrated with an EHR system. If you’ve ever taken a Practice Mate demo, you may have seen how the patient record-keeping happens. It may take time to learn but once it’s down, it’s a skill!

In the United States alone, more than 330,000 providers are using Practice Mate as a practice management or EHR solution, along with the option to create a patient portal for patients to remotely access their information.

What are some of Practice Mate’s Main features?

What are some of the features of Practice Mate that you should keep an eye out for, you ask? Here are some of our recommended favorite features.

Set Up for Free

When you get Practice Mate and want to set it up on your local system, the team at the vendor will help you deal with the steep learning curve by taking care of the entire process of setting up the software and training you and your employees.

The best part is, the entire process is free! Most other EHR solution providers will ask for extra charges if they are asked to help set it up on your network, or if you receive any kind of training from them to make sure your staff is prepared to take on the new software.

Online File Claims

It can be argued that the process of filing a claim is one of the most dreaded aspects of running a clinic or practice. The great thing about Practice Mate is, it automates this process, making it simple, easy, and reduces the risk of errors being found in the claim.

Therefore, you are more likely to get reimbursed, you are more likely to get reimbursed quickly, and you finally have the ability to manage the ongoings of the clinic in a successful way without worrying about the upcoming claims process.

Easy Integration

One of the most stressful parts of getting a new EHR is you might have to let go of older solutions that you still like. With Practice Mate, you can avoid this heartache simply by integrating your old software with the new to make sure all the solutions work cohesively.

Patient Eligibility Checks

With a quick and easy patient eligibility check, you can see if patients qualify to be part of the insurance program when you are entering their information into the system, saving you the struggle of having to double-check if you can get reimbursed later on.

Wonderful Customer Support

A great strength that Practice Mate has over several of its competitors in the EHR and practice management software industry is the fact that it offers a wonderful customer support system that is readily accessible to any customer facing any issue regarding their software.

Practice Mate’s team is friendly, listens to people’s complaints, and works hard to make sure they can come up with an effective solution in no time!

What is Practice Mate Pricing Like?

Practice Mate is free software – meaning the practice management system and the patient portal is available at no cost. However, the EHR solution can be added at a cost. Namely, this is $29.99 every month for every user.

What do reviews say about Practice Mate?

There are a lot of interesting things to note about Practice Mate reviews, which reveal crucial information about the pros and the cons of getting the software.

The pros

Price is one of the biggest pros mentioned in reviews about Practice Mate, with many saying it feels like it’s free even when you use the EHR solution. Keep in mind, most electronic health record software can be priced at over $500 a month per user!

If you ever manage to get aPractice Mate demo, according to the reviewers a feature you need to keep your eye out for has to be the scheduling tools offered at Practice Mate. They can be color-coded, are easy to use, and add to the clinic’s scheduling experience.

The cons

One of the main issues that reviewers mention about Practice Mate is that it takes time to get the hang of the software, some stating they get stuck in circles and are still experiencing the learning curve side of things for the software.

Additionally, some of the businesses using Practice Mate mentioned it has a tendency to slow down, lag, or even crash at times when dealing with a lot of information.

Should I Get a Practice Mate Demo?

If you’ve been looking at some of the amazing features, the jaw-dropping price point, and the endless list of pros for getting the software, it may be time to take a Practice Mate demo. Simply put, the Practice Mate demo will help you decide whether this software works for you in real-time by showing you its features, its interface, and more.