Chikmagalur’s top 10 resorts

Java Rain Resort

Chikmagalur has many resorts and most of these meet the standards of the region, enjoy the sensory fragrance of coffee and the scenery of the Baba Budana Giri Mountains.

This nebulous hill area is washed away by a series of milky waterfalls. In addition, a large variety of flora and fauna is present at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. This car park is not only a sanctuary for wildlife and nature, but it is also an area for hiking, walking, and so on.

Compressive List of Chikmagalur Resorts

There are several international resorts in Chikmagalur. Here are Chikmagalur’s top 10 resorts.

1. Thippanahalli Homestay

This beautiful red bungalow is proof of the richness of history. Analog Chandregowda was build in the year 1934 and proudly exhibits rural paintings with artifacts, luminaries, steeper, pounds, and ancient furniture collected over five generations. Another highlight of this historic bungalow is the beautifully landscaped garden which houses a cactus tree.

2. Java Rain Resort

You’re just looking for luxury among coffee plantations at Java Rain Resort’s smell. This Swanky resort has excellent architecture, trendy interiors, and modern facilities constructed on a coffee grove overlooking the Mountains of Mullayangiry.

3. Flameback Lodges

Flameback Lodges offers modern conveniences, elegant decoration, and a cool interior in a green environment.

4. Eagle Eye Holiday Home

A real name and strategy for a pleasant view of the spectacular Kudromukh are the Eagle Eye Holiday home. In the coffee plantations, spice farms, and orchid gardens it is 130 hectares of new greenery. The resort combines ecotourism and adventure with perfect conditions.

The gorgeous Tree House of Eagle Eye is a special place to sell. This 750 m2 TreeHouse has a kitchen, a bedroom, and a toilet, and is entirely constructed with wood and bamboo. It is so constructed that the house has a roundabout view of the whole valley. Nevertheless, the Tree House offers a pastoral feeling.

5. The Serai Resort

The Resort Serai offers a cool journey from the city to quiet surroundings while offering magnificent luxury. It is a unique destination that seamlessly combines nature and luxury.

A coffee-inspired resort that seamlessly fuses with its soft and minimalist architectural features.

6. River Tern Lodge

On the hill a stone’s throw from the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, the River Tern Lodge is a campsite village that mixes harmony and tranquilization with the thrill of wildlife. Although the unlimited greenery and lapidary music of the river backwater offer a healing experience, sightseeing in the nearby Reserva will inspire gaurs, bears, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, herrings, and more than two thousand birds’ species.

7. Taj Gateway Resort

The Taj Gateway Resort is a prime example of colonial architecture, modern efficiency, and the scenic view of coffee plantations. Nature is unforgettable on this route. Think of lavish opulence and the Taj Gateway is one of the tops.

8. Silent Valley Resort

The Silent Valley Resort has a wonderful location at the foot of the Kuduremukha Forest Reserve, surrounded by luxurious pastures, paddy fields, and the Areca, sparkling waterfalls, and deep green forests.

The resort provides eclectic services and amenities to both business and pleasure tourists.

9. The Coffee Bean Stay

If you are looking for a coffee plantation and are more enchanted by old-school types, Coffee Bean Stay is the right option for you. The Coffee Bean offers a delicious stay on a colonial-era heritage bungalow in the western part of the Ghats, in Chandra Drona mountains surrounded by a coffee, garden, and beautiful mountains. Just greenery, simpleness, and classicism can be enjoyed in architecture, indoors, and other subtle features.

10. The Last Resort

The Last Resort provides you with the best services when it comes to smart prices, easy access to Chikmagalur’s popular sights, peaceful place, comfortable stays, and adventure. The resort has rolling farms situated at the foot of the stunning Kemmanagundi Range. In addition, the custom-made tropical garden of the resort with its ferns, fruit, flowers, and trees, serves a warm eco-tourist destination immediately on your plates.