All about the Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers is one of the most popular trek destinations in India. Adventure and nature lovers should visit here. The natural beauty included with waterfalls, green landscapes of hills covered with pine and oak trees will fascinate you. The valley of flowers is an Indian National Park located in North Chamoli and Pithoragarh, in the state of Uttarakhand. This place is located at a height of 3352 to 3658 metres above sea level. The valley of flowers is 38 km long. This valley of flowers was declared as a national park in 1982 and later it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its amazing, unforgettable beauty. This park is like a heaven on earth. As far as your eyes can go you see only the different colours of flowers, different colours of butterflies, birds and many more. If you go here during the flowering season you will see many different colourful flowers all around here. It looks like someone has spread a bed sheet of flowers in the valley. This park has rich diversity. There are many species of plants and animals here. There are many types of rare animals here such as Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox and blue sheep. You will also see many colourful birds in the valley and other high altitude birds. You will see here the flowers mostly orchids, marigold, poppies, primulas etc. In this park there are many species of medicinal plants. You will also see the birch, rhododendrons in this park’s area.


The local people believe that this valley was created by the Gods and Angels. The idea was earlier that if a person went in this Valley he would never come back and the angels would take him away.


  • Day 1: Rishikesh – Joshimath 

            On the first day you have to leave Rishikesh in the early morning to go to Joshimath. It will take 9 hours to reach Joshimath. You have to change the altitude from 372 meter at Rishikesh to 1875 meter at Joshimath. After 9 hours of journey you will reach Joshimath by evening. Then you have to stay in a hotel for the night. You have to book the hotel in advance. You can get direct buses to Joshimath from Rishikesh bus station. You can book a personal car or taxi from Rishikesh to reach Joshimath. To save money you just take a local bus from Rishikesh that will reach you to Joshimath. If you don’t get any direct buses to Joshimath then book the jeeps like Tata Sumo and max. 

  • Day 2: Joshimath –  Govindghat- Ghangaria

            The next morning after breakfast you have to go Govindghat which is 22 kilometre away from Joshimath. It will take one hour by road and 6 hour by trekking to reach Ghangaria. You have to book a personal car or taxi. After reaching Govindghat which is also known as Govind Dham you can take a rest for sometime. Govind Ghat is the base camp for Hemkund Sahib and the valley of flowers. After completing tracking for 10 km you will reach Ghangaria. If you are not interested in trekking then there are plenty of ponies in Govindghat. You can book any one pony to reach Ghangaria. But if you want to enjoy your journey then try to trek yourself. It’s not difficult, it gives you another type of experience. You have to stay at night in any hotel in Ghangaria. 

  • Day 3: Ghangaria – Valley of flowers – Ghangaria

            You have to change the altitude from 3049 meter at Ghangaria to 3658 meter at valley of flowers. This is the final day. You will enjoy the place. All journeys and waits will be over. After exploring the valley you have to go back to Ghangaria again. Then take rest at night in any hotel. 

  • Day 4: Ghangaria – Govindghat- Joshimath 

            After completing the breakfast you have to trek 10 kilometre to reach Govindghat. Then drive to Joshimath. After reaching Joshimath you have to spend the night in any hotel.

  • Day 5: Joshimath – Rishikesh 

            Now comes the time to say goodbye to the hills. After breakfast in the morning you have to go out for Rishikesh then the trek is over.

Best time:

The monsoon season of late-July to September is the best time to go here. In this time nature reveals its true nature. You will see the beautiful lush green landscape in the valley of flowers with beautiful coloured flowers.

Weather and Temperature:

In summer season the temperature can be minimum of 17 degree-celsius to a maximum of 29 degree-celsius. In winter the temperature can be a minimum of 6 degree-Celsius to a maximum of 15 degree-celsius. In monsoon season the temperature can be a minimum of 20 degree-celsius to a maximum of 26 degree-celsius.