5 Ways to Upgrade your Pet Parenting Skills

5 Ways to Upgrade your Pet Parenting Skills

Being a pet parent is such an honor. To be a parent to a dog is ten times the charm of any regular pet parent. Some of you may feel biased with this statement, but every dog lover will agree with me on this. To have a dog means to have the joy, privilege, and responsibility of upbringing and grooming the four-legged pooch you will come to love. 

So, if you have settled as a dog parent then it’s great. It’s always exciting to have a pet. Your pet is a different species with the language barrier intact. But as a pet parent, you have the chance to upgrade your pet parenting skills in a better and informed way. 

Is it possible?

Yes, it is. 

Fortunately, this article will be your guide on how to become the best pet parent. So it really doesn’t matter when you have a dog or cat. Basic pet parenting skills drive all pet peeves at a mutual platform. 

So are you ready to learn to adjust your life as a pet parent? Then here you go. 

1. Begin with Basic Research

Like with anything else, you need to do some basic research. As a responsible pet parent, you need to start looking for puppy training tips to make them obey the commands to form a close bond with your dog, and so on. It is imperative that you take care of basic pieces of information. 

For instance, if you have an energetic dog, then you need to find out about the dog breed you have. You can plan an exercise regime to keep your dog fit and healthy and so on. 

It’s even best if you do research on which type of dog breed you should have according to your lifestyle. This way you can better take care of a dog. 

For example, you might be a traveler or someone who is away from home a lot. So you may prefer to have a less active breed. 

2. Vet on Speed Dial 

When you become a pet parent, you need to take care of the health of your pet too. In this case, having a veterinarian on your speed dial, someone who’s in the neighborhood is the best option. Consult with the pet expert or a professional vet, someone who can advise you about all things related to the canine pal. 

Take your pooch for regular medical checkups too. You may miss the subtle signs of any minor symptom, but a vet misses nothing. 

In case your furry friend is ill, like showing puppy anxiety symptoms,  consulting with your vet becomes more important than ever. Early treatment is healthy. 

3. Pet-proof your Home

A puppy is like a kid. You need to dog proof the house or apartment you live in. Dogs are curious beings. So as a responsible pet parent, you need to take care of this curiosity by buying them dog chew toys or keeping your pup engaged in healthy activities. 

So what else can you do? Keep away the chemical items locked away in the kitchen cabinet. Do not leave any extra door open around the house that will result in disaster. On the plus side, you need to buy dog crates and dog gates to keep your dog restricted within the specific area. This will help solve lots of foreseen problems, trust me. 

4. Hygiene Dog Products 

If you use the best china for dinner then the dog needs their own water and food bowl too, don’t they? One of the utmost important pet parenting skills is to not compromise on your dog product. It is easy to overlook a basic necessity for the pet, but the truth is told, you need to get a set of food and water bowls that are easy to clean. 

Also, keep switching the food and water regularly if you have placed the bowls outside. You do not want your pup to drink stagnant water or stale food right?

5. Grooming Sessions 

Who loves to get a haircut? Your dog! You’d be surprised how quickly the dog’s coat can grow. If you have a Golden Retriever then you know they have a magnificent golden coat. But it needs to be trimmed too. 

Some dog breeds have more grooming sessions than other dog breeds like Terriers, Poodle, and so on. So a little hair trim or nails trim is all good. Also, make sure your dog gets their regular dose of baths too! A stinking dog means bad pet parenting. 


Here’s the thing folks, pet parenting is not an inborn skill set, you learn from your mistakes and keep improving with time. Take care of these basic parenting skills for your dog and it will make a world’s difference to them. Love your pooch with all your heart.